About New Cycle Capital

New Cycle Capital is an early-stage venture capital firm. We take a research driven, thematic approach to investing. The General Partners identify a market opportunity that we believe is ripe for entrepreneurial innovation and then look for the best ideas and people within it. We may spend one month or a year investigating a particular sector. We will meet top executives and the best newly emerging companies. We will meet with companies in adjacent markets. Sometimes we will make an investment or two in a particular space and sometimes we will not.

Within each sector, we will invest in capital-efficient businesses in the first round of institutional capital, often as the only fund alongside angel investors.

Our past themes include:

 Consumer Debt
 Renewable Energy Finance
 Energy Efficiency
 Financial services to lower income populations
 Water Conservation
 The Green Consumer

As a team, we have invested in eight companies together, and over 20 in our careers.

We also align ourselves with entrepreneurs who are passionate about their company's mission and motivated by a desire to affect positive change in the world. We believe that companies that combine strong economic opportunity with an inspired company mission have a competitive advantage, and that by investing in these companies we can deliver outsized returns for our investors.

The Fund investors include The Rappaport Family Foundation and a number of other high-net worth individuals and family foundations. Our advisors and investors include top entrepreneurs and leading venture capitalists from across the country.